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Every two years, the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) conducts a Demand Study – the most comprehensive research completed into what drives people to use self storage in Australia and New Zealand. The study group for this year’s Demand Study was the largest ever, with a 17% increase in the number of users surveyed and more sites surveyed than previous years.

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Self-storage is an interesting concept to think about: humans pay to store their items to make space for more items. It can make you ask: Why do we have so much stuff? Why can’t we let these tangible items go? Sell them? Or recycle them? If there’s anything that the self-storage industry shows us, it’s that Americans have a hard time parting ways with their belongings. One reason is because we often develop an emotional connection with our items– the old record player, ugly lamp from Aunt Peggy, the treasure chest from a great grandmother.

When you revisit these items, they trigger a memory that helps us recall the past. And then there’s always the thought: ‘What if I need this again in the future?’ The relationships people form with their belongings can be just as complex and interesting as the ones that are formed with other humans. This is one reason why the self-storage industry has become so large and popular. To investigate more of the wild world of self-storage, we pulled several interesting facts to highlight the industry’s growth– and the human need to hold on.

39.9% of self storage customers had stored at the same facility before (an increase from 20.4% in 2008).

67.7% of existing customers earn close to or above the Australian Adult Ordinary Time Earnings level $64,683 per annum.

87.2% of self storage customers indicated that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their self storage facility.

75% of tenants live or work within 2 miles of the property

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Defining the demand for self storage in a market is impossible without first examining the current competition in that market. Technology has made this information readily accessible to anyone. Internet services such as MapQuest, Google Earth,, and Storage Net all provide a wealth of information. Utilizing MapQuest and Google Earth allows you to generate radiuses, and then mark related businesses within your radius. (Both will sometimes give duplicate counts on facilities that overlap streets and may count moving companies and warehouses.

A little “sifting” is necessary to delete redundant information.) To establish a beginning point, a center for measured radiuses, choose the center of a small community, or for a large city, a major intersection in a section of that city. Remember, depending on your objective, your radius can incorporate a whole city or a small part of it. Mark and note each self storage facility within your radiuses. We’ll cover the radius diameters again later.

73% of all U.S. self storage facilities are owned by small operators. Public companies and REITS own 18% of facilities and the remaining top 100 operators own 9% of facilities.

When comparing ownership by square footage, however, public operators own a much larger share. Small self storage operators own 52% of rentable square footage in the U.S. Public companies and REITs own 32%, and other top operators own the remaining 16%.

Self-storage industry statistics

Self-storage industry statistics show that every 11th American uses the conveniences of self-storage. The vast use of storage space has made it widely popular and we can see that the industry is prone to expanding even more in years to come. People choose this option as storage facilities are now more available and closer than ever before. Plus, if things are measured right, everyone can afford a storage unit. And since the annual revenue in this business is around $38 billion, it is clear that the number of free storage facilities will only grow. This article will focus on some major statistics coming from the world of self-storage where we will try to present some of the latest news.

The number of employees is growing

As mentioned above, due to the increase in numbers of self-storage facilities, the necessity for workers in the self-storage industry is growing as well. The industry is growing and it is growing fast, thus today there are approximately 170 thousand employees and about 48,500 storage facilities. The good news for this industry and those looking for employment is that more people will be needed in the future. However, with such great competition between different companies that offer this kind of service, companies need to put more effort to be seen in order to reach more potential clients.

One of the ways to do so is by boosting the company’s website ranking. This way they will get better coverage which will ultimately bring them new clientele. All in all, neither storage company should be worried, as it seems that people in America just can’t get enough of storing away their belongings.

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Better conditions are offered with new storage units

Modernization has brought new, refined self-storage units which are much more convenient than their predecessors. Today, stronger and higher quality materials are used when constructing these units. Their purpose is to provide the highest level of protection both from thieves and from the weather. Climate-controlled units are perfect for those items which are temperature-sensitive but that still need to be placed in storage. Those who are willing to pay more will find robotic-ran facilities much more convenient. Inside such storage units, all of their most valuable possessions will be kept safe until the time they need them again.

More technology is being used than before. And all for the purpose of meeting all clients’ requirements and in order to level up their offers. If you wish so, a storage company could take care of the delivery of your items into a storage unit, and you can track the cargo with the help of a mobile application. This saves you time, as you won’t have to be the one to bring those items personally.

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